The Roux African Student Association (RASA) presented Africa Week Celebration 2024 over three days during the week of April 15, featuring cultural events, networking and a panel discussion.  

Cultural events included cooking demonstrations showcasing traditional African foods, a fashion show, African music and dance, and a quiz round with questions about general knowledge of the African Continent. Westbrook City Councilor Claude Rwaganje and Portland City Councilor Pious Ali participated as featured guests at the Friday event.  

The panelists included Michael Pollastri, Senior Vice Provost, Roux Institute, Northeastern University; Mark Dion, Mayor of Portland; E’nkul Kanakan, Employee Director at Granite Bay Care Inc.;  and Melissa Hue, Director, Office of Economic Opportunity, City of Portland. 

Oluwabusola Dorcas Olagunju, Founder and President of RASA, was delighted by the three-day event. “It was very successful. Many students attended the event, not only African students but also others representing various cultures. They were instrumental in organizing this three-day 

festival. We are like a family here. Being an international student has allowed me to broaden my perspectives and develop a deeper understanding of cross-cultural communication skills. I have had the chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds, exchange ideas with peers from around the world, and explore new ways of thinking and learning to expand my social network.”  

The mission of RASA is to cultivate an inclusive and empowering environment that values diversity, excellence, and cultural exchange. The organizers seek to have a social impact within and outside the Roux Institute community.