Yusuf Muse Yusuf won a Portland School Board At-Large seat at play in the November 3 election with 55% of the vote after a ranked-choice runoff count. The race was three-way, between Yusuf, Stacey Hang, and Nyalat Biliew.

Reached by telephone on November 4, Yusuf said, “I am really thankful for the team that worked with me, and for the community, and everybody who trusted that I can do this job well. I believe in collaboration and process, and I am looking forward to working with the superintendent and the other school board members. I hope to learn from them and contribute my experience to the board. My team did a fantastic job, and I have a great appreciation for my friend Abdullahi Ali, who was with me from the beginning.. I’m excited to get to work and give back to the community! I hope I will be an inspiration for youth, so they believe they can run for office and chase their dreams – no matter how difficult – they can achieve their dreams if they work hard and try.”

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