The World Bank announced in early August that they will provide no more funding for projects in Uganda unless they are satisfied that sexual and gender minorities involved in those projects are protected from discrimination and exclusion. The statement followed the signing of a controversial anti-homosexuality law in May by Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. 

Museveni responded by tweeting, “The World Bank’s decision is intended to put pressure on Uganda to abandon the law, but Ugandans will progress with or without funding.” Museveni also expressed exasperation at donors who intentionally tie the exchange of money to changes they want to see in Uganda’s value system and principles, which he called attempts to undermine Uganda’s sovereignty. He emphasized that the people of Uganda can figure out how to solve their own societal problems and do not need assistance in this regard from abroad. 

  Uganda’s anti-LGBT law includes provisions for the administration of the death penalty to a person who commits homosexual acts