By Walongo

Participating in the workforce is a basic human activity, linked both to satisfaction and independence. And speaking of independence – I just got my first job as an immigrant in the U.S. What a pleasure! But it was not easy to get the job. First, I had to start learning the language – something I am continuing to do, of course, since language is a crucial element of integration. Without the local language, it is very difficult to get established, maybe even impossible. Next, I had to create a U.S.-style resumé, which is not like a CV from Congo-Brazzaville. Third, with the help of someone from the CareerCenter, I began to look for jobs. I applied for several jobs and was offered one. Although the kind of work I am doing is definitely not what I was educated for in my country, still I finally feel like a fish in water to be working again. And at my job I have not experienced indifference, racism, snobbishness – instead I find respect, consideration, and a team spirit. We help each other at work, and that is a joy, and makes me want to continue. And achieving some financial independence is an immense pleasure that I never stop enjoying. Finally the boredom and idleness of waiting to establish my life here is over, and I am beginning my new life.