I would like to extend warm greetings to you all. I encourage you to contribute to strengthening Maine by keeping in touch with your local and state representatives, attending school and community meetings, and reaching out to me with your thoughts and concerns.

Governor Mills

We are all in this together.  We all want Maine to have a beautiful environment, happy people, and prosperous communities.
Though we all agree on the goal, we differ about how to get there.
We are Republicans, Greens, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, and many more besides.
But these differences are what make Maine strong.
Our diversity is a virtue – one that we should harness to advance good public debate and good public policy.
We welcome the voices of newcomers to the public conversation — the young, immigrants, people of different cultures, people of color,  people of different orientations.
All are important members of the Maine family.
My town has always had a Commons, where everybody could graze their sheep and cattle, sell produce, and where we would enjoy a concert on a summer evening.
Now our state must find its own common ground, expand our horizons, and become one Maine again.
From the tree-lined streets of Lewiston to the rolling fields of the County, from the Bold Coast to the Height of Land, from Cross Rock in Allagash to Portland’s Promenades, our people will once again find unity of purpose.
It is the bond we all share for our state, for children longing for security, for newcomers seeking to belong, for all of those who feel left behind, who long for respect and dignity.
One thing we all love is our great state.
And when a family, a community, a state believe in each other, help each other, love each other, great things can happen.
Maine people have greatness within them.
Maine is our home.
We are connected by the rivers and the land, the forests and the mountains.
We are connected by love.
We are strengthened by our connections.
We are one Maine, undivided, one family from Calais to Bethel, from York to Fort Kent.
Now we rise— like the mist over the Sandy River — and seek adventure, with hope in our hearts and love in our souls for the brand-new day.

To all of you, and to the people of Maine, I say, Welcome Home.
Welcome Home.