• Contributed by Survivor Speak USA

Community Conversations are a space for listening and solidarity.

Survivor Speaks USA (SSUSA) wants to hear directly from community members across the state about the gender equity issues that they are facing. Your stories will help us shape our biennial Policy Roadmap and legislative agenda for gender equity and can lead to impactful policy change. Together we can address sexism, racism, and misogyny.

These conversations are an opportunity for Mainers to bring their lived experience to the table.  We will ask you questions about the obstacles you are facing, the change you want to see, and what you want elected officials to know about your lives.

Survivor Speak USA is a Maine-based, survivor-led organization working to end sex trafficking and sexploitation through centering the experiences, healing, voices, and leadership of survivors.  

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Survivor Speak is able to provide a stipend for participation if needed, and If you have any questions or would like more information reach out to Ambureen at [email protected].