“Structural and individual racism in all its forms is a public health emergency”

MIRC acknowledges the enormous and growing racial disparity in the COVID-19 data in our state. The Black and People of Color communities are in unfathomable pain, distress, and devastation due to the disproportionate impact on their overall wellbeing as well as limited access to services in the midst of the pandemic  Our Black and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) community members are more likely to get sick and die than white Mainers. Recent ACLU data revealed that Black people comprised about 22% of COVID-19 deaths, even though they comprise about 2% of Maine’s total population.  Additionally, when we look at the data for BIPOC, the percentage increased to 27% in June 2020. This grim data indicates that the health of 1 in 4 BIPOC are being impacted by the pandemic. We believe these disproportionate outcomes result due to limited access to healthcare and the constant barrage of racial abuses and ongoing violence due to white supremacy. Structural and individual racism in all its forms is a public health emergency.

The MIRC Board advocates for the protection of all workers and asks that State of Maine needs to exponentially increase resources in COVID-19 response towards supporting impacted minority communities, ensuring increased testing, language access at every single juncture of our healthcare system, making sure BIPOC organizers are compensated for their work, and trusting the the leadership of impacted communities.

Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition Board of Directors

MIRC represents 69-member organizations including immigrant constituency groups, advocacy groups, direct service organizations, grassroots community organizations and all who are creating programs and policies reflecting their values and commitment to immigrant inclusion and integration.  Our mission is to improve the legal, social and economic conditions experienced by Maine’s immigrants – enhancing their lives while strengthening Maine – through advocacy, information sharing, and collaboration both through and among our member organizations.