Spring cleaning does not have to be limited to just cleaning up clutter around the house. It can also be a great time to take a look at finances, a few months into the new year, and compare with goals and budgets. We have compiled a list of things to review to ensure financial efficiency.

Organize receipts
Holding on to a bunch of receipts in a wallet is not only messy, but an opportunity for something important to be lost. To help promote organization, set aside a designated space at home for storing important old receipts. Also take some time to shred old receipts or deposit slips that are no longer needed. Some people purchase a scanner to save receipts electronically.

Receive bills electronically
At month’s end, take a look through paper bills that have been collected. One way to cut down on clutter is to receive digital bills or statements instead of paper. A bonus is that all bills from one service are then available to see in the same portal.

Look at subscriptions
Many people subscribe to too many services. Consider taking a look at everything with monthly costs. Now may be a good time to tighten up recurring fees for things or services that are not being used.

Ask for lower prices for services
Sometimes rates for car insurance, cable, or phone are not set in stone. Many places offer promotional pricing or lower-rate pricing upon request, and mentioning the need for a cheaper option for services or exploring competitors’ rates is enough to convince a service provider to lower a fee. Having payment lowered is not always a guaranteed outcome, but it never hurts to ask!

Check the budget
Now is a good time to look at spending habits and expenses to see how they will line up for the remainder of the year. It’s a good time to adjust spending before the coming months. Reviewing budgets and account histories are great ideas to ensure financial health.

Get an updated copy of credit scores
Knowing one’s credit score is important because it can impact finances. For example, a higher credit score may allow one to take out a loan, or to purchase a home or car, at an affordable rate. A lower score may prevent taking out a loan, or may require high rate payments.

These are just a few of the ways to take a look at cleaning up spending and finances – a perfect activity for spring and good to do every couple of months.