Mohamed Hussein Roble is the new Prime Minister of Somalia. He replaces Hassan Ali Khaire, who was voted out of office by parliament in July for not being able to create a path to democratic presidential and parliamentary elections. Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed – commonly referred to as President Farmaajo – appointed Roble.

Al Jazeera reports that, because of rampant insecurity in Somalia, the president and regional governors have agreed that 27,775 delegates from different clans in Somalia will elect 275 ministers to occupy the lower house. These ministers, in turn, will elect the next president. This process replaces the expected one-person, one-vote model that Hassan Ali Khaire was trying to implement. The current parliament is obliged to approve the newly unveiled plan for elections before the expiration of its mandate in November.

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire Farmaajo’s term ends in February. He is likely to seek reelection for a second term, where he will face two other former presidents as rivals.