By Rosamour 

Summer is ending, and school is about to reopen. Sometimes young people are scared when they think about what the new school year will be like. College and university students worry, too – but for many, what they worry about is money. And while some students remember to thank their teachers and parents for their hard work, they usually forget to thank the people with great hearts who donate their money for scholarships that help students who suffer from financial hardship to get an education.

As an asylum seeker myself, I have benefited from that aid, and can’t express my gratitude loudly enough. These lines are a great shout out to all the Mainers who have shared their wealth so those of us who need to go to school are able to do so. Through Portland Adult Education, I was able to get help I needed from a scholarship awarded by Friends of Adult Education. I then went to Southern Maine Community College with help from the Maine Community Foundation. Now that I am about to enter a very critical part of my nursing studies, I am honored to have the help of ProsperityME’s Prosper Scholarship. 

Words are not enough to express the gratitude that I feel for being able to start a career and build a bright future for myself and my family – and train one more person to lend a helpful hand for the community. To all of you with a great heart, please keep supporting these organizations. They enable people like me to play a useful role in society, for Maine and the whole country. May God bless you all.