Eisha Khan and Liam LaFountain hosted the third annual Biddeford Community Iftar on March 30, and were joined by close to 150 community members. In honor of Women’s History Month, this year’s Iftar theme was ‘Muslim women for Women’s History Month’. In addition, as attendees broke their fast, many speakers remembered the people of Haiti, Sudan, Gaza, and all those afflicted with hunger as a result of man made crises.

Eisha Khan, Samar Khuder, Khadija el Barkaoui, Qamar Hussein (Left to Right)
Mandy Levine, Pious Ali, Representative Deqa Dhalac, Henry Ingwersen, and Ryan Fecteau (Left to Right)
Eisha Khan, Adilah Muhammad, Amran Osman, and Representee Man Abdi (Left to Right)
Saad Rehman and Israa Enan (Left to Right)
Safiya Khalid and Khadija el Barkaoui (Left to Right)
Amran Osman and Representative Mana Abdi (Left to Right)
Hamda Ahmad, Chan Himm, and Representative Deqa Dhalac (Left to Right)
Chan Himm, Eisha Khan, Zema Ahmadov, Tarlan Ahmadov, Barrett Takesian, Mahir Hasanoff and Melissa Prince (Left to Right)
Ramadan Reflections by Taraq, Co-Founder of Jaffa Mediterranean Grill
Safiya Khalid and Mayor Jodi Mills-MacPhail (Left to Right)
Suleyman Ciyrak, Liam LaFountain, and Burhan (Left to Right)