The South Portland Police Department is partnering on a national campaign urging safe driving on April 20, a day celebrated by some marijuana users and supporters.  The slogan for the campaign is, “If you Feel Different, You Drive Different.” Marijuana use is expected to increase for the day on April 2o.

Drug-impaired driving is dangerous and illegal. Evidence has proved that marijuana can slow reaction times, impair cognitive performance, and make it more difficult for drivers to keep a steady position in their lane. 

·         If you choose to use marijuana this April 20, plan ahead and have a sober driver.

·         If you find yourself drug-impaired and stranded with your vehicle, give your keys to a sober driver who can safely drive you home or to your next stop.

·         Remind your friends to never get in the vehicle with an impaired driver.

·         If you have a friend who is about to drive while high, take the keys away and help them get home safely. Don’t worry about offending someone — they’ll thank you later.

WARNING to Noncitizens

Do NOT use medical or legalized marijuana/cannabis

Even though Maine has now legalized medical marijuana and the use, growth, and sale of recreational marijuana, it remains illegal under federal immigration law. Maine state laws do not change immigration laws, and as such, noncitizen Mainers can face harsh immigration penalties and consequences if they are found to use, grow, possess, sell, or aid in the use of medical or recreational marijuana.