Following a recount that began on November 9th at Ocean Gateway, Roberto Rodriguez has been declared the winner of the At-Large City Council race. The declaration of the final result came after both candidates and their teams completed the manual recount of all ballots and resolved their dispute over 37 ballots over which their teams had not agreed the day before. That resolution resulted in two additional votes in favor of Mazer and two additional votes in favor of Rodriguez. The remaining 33 ballots were determined by the candidates to be “exhausted” and therefore did not impact the final tally. Following the candidates discussion and resolution of the disputed ballots, Brandon Mazer conceded. In the end, Rodriguez received 8,549 votes and Mazer received 8,514.

Three new people will be joining the Portland City Council – Anna Trevorrow (District 1), Victoria Pelletier (District 2), and Rodriguez (At-Large). Inauguration Day is scheduled for Monday, December 6 at 6:00 PM.