Contributed by cPort

Many people look to improve their finances at the beginning of the year. While some try to pay off debt and reduce expenses, others focus on increasing their income by changing jobs. One of the most critical pieces of landing a great new job is interviewing with potential employers. 

Understanding what to expect during an interview is important. Preparation will reduce anxiety and help the job seeker present themselves in the best light possible so the prospective employer can understand the candidate’s capabilities and personality. When a company advertises an available position, they interview several people, or candidates, to find an individual who they think will be the best fit for the company, and the person they believe is capable of handling the job responsibilities. 

  One of the most common questions an interviewer will ask is, “Tell me about yourself.” While this may seem like a simple question to answer, some candidates are not prepared to answer. But those candidates who consider this question beforehand will be ready to give excellent examples of their most significant accomplishments, or what makes them unique. Having a solid answer prepared helps put the interviewer at ease and gives them a better sense of what the person being interviewed is like. 

  The recruiter will also want to see specific examples of experience and skills that match what they are looking for in an employee. A prepared person has thought about which of their skills are most applicable to the job for which they are interviewing. They will have practiced describing these examples out loud, so they sound natural and confident when it comes time to answer questions in an interview setting. 

  Interviewees should ask questions about the company, and the team they will work with. Asking questions about these topics shows that the candidate is committed to finding a good match between their personal goals and how a particular company operates.  

It’s common for more than one person to conduct an interview, and knowing who will be in the room will help the interviewee prepare. Take time to research the company ahead of time and ask informed questions to each interviewer about their own career, to help make connections on a personal level. Everyone involved in the interview could be potential future colleagues.  

Whether an interview takes place through a video chat service like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or an in-person meeting, arriving on time or a little early is essential. Being late could signal a lack of reliability and respect for other people’s time. So be sure you are clear on when and where the interview will take place and allow plenty of time beforehand. It’s better to be a few minutes early than even one minute late. If the interview is being held through a video chat service, test the connection ahead of time to ensure that all audio and video equipment is working. It’s essential for the job seeker to be in a quiet environment with minimal distractions.  

First impressions matter, and what a person wears to an interview is a big part of that first impression. Job candidates should dress professionally and appropriately for the position for which they are interviewing. It shows they’re serious about the position and understand what is expected of them. 

These simple tips on interview etiquette will help anyone interviewing for a job. Remembering to arrive early, dress professionally, and be prepared to answer questions makes the process more enjoyable and promising.