Portland families whose children turn 4 by October 15 can apply for the PPS PreK lottery from February 14 through March 4. Families whose children turn 5 by October 15, 2022 should enroll them for kindergarten from February 28 through March 18.

Children who will turn 4 years old by October 15  and live in Portland are eligible for the PreK program. The program is free and follows the Portland Public Schools’ calendar. The district plans to have 224 slots available this fall. Admission is by lottery. Placement in  classes will be chosen by lottery if more than 224 children apply. The PreK lottery application for the 2022-2023 school year will go live at midnight on February 14 and will close on March 4. Applications submitted after March 4  will automatically be put on the waiting list.

“We encourage Portland families with 4-year-olds to apply for our high-quality PreK program,” said Superintendent Xavier Botana. “This type of education for young children improves their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills and helps with school readiness. This is one of the best investments parents can make in their children’s learning.”

The PreK lottery application will be online only. If a family cannot access resources to fill out the application online, please call Deenah Lewy, the assistant to PreK Programs, at 207-874-8190. If a family needs language assistance to fill out the application, please call the Multilingual Department at 207-874-8135.

For Portland families whose children turn 5 by Oct. 15 the kindergarten enrollment window is from February 28 through March 18 (and ongoing). Registration is online.

For more information, go to the “Families” section on the district website and click on “School Enrollment” or go directly to this PreK link or to this kindergarten link.