Living as a person of color in the U.S. is not easy. This is true whether one is a new arrival or was born here. Maine offers a growing number of resources to help people thrive, including nonprofits, grassroots organizations, and immigrant-led associations and community organizations. Five such organizations are described below. Stay tuned to Amjambo Africa to keep in touch with services directed at helping people.  

ProsperityME is dedicated to helping Maine’s immigrants and refugees build successful, rewarding lives in their new homeland. Through education and counseling, we empower members of refugee and immigrant communities to build financial stability, careers, businesses, and wealth. We understand the challenges facing New Mainers and provide opportunities for group learning and individual support. 

We offer financial services, including financial literacy courses and one-on-one financial counseling. Our Basic Money Management course is approved by MaineHousing’s FirstGen program to help first-time home buyers with closing costs. For individuals and families experiencing housing insecurity, our housing team provides support and resources for people transitioning from homelessness to stable housing

We also offer workforce development resources and assistance in accessing benefits. In Charting Your Course, we empower women to pursue their education and career goals or to start a business. Our PROSPER scholarship provides asylum seekers access to higher education to earn their associate’s degree or a vocational certificate. We also provide opportunities for first-generation immigrants to save through matched, individual development accounts. 

Our services are open to all refugees, immigrants, asylees, and low-income individuals. Contact us at or (207)797-7890 to learn more about our classes and programs. 

175 Lancaster St., Suite 216A, Portland