The transportation program of Maine Association for New Americans (MANA) is designed to help asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants, and others access social services, including non-emergency medical care. Each day MANA provides 35 to 40 round trips, transporting a total of approximately 100 people. The program has grown, thanks in part to MANA’s collaboration with partner organizations (including Amjambo!) who spread the word about this important program and actively use the service for their programs. MANA is in the process of hiring another individual to join the transportation team. Also, MANA welcomes volunteers to help with transportation, including to provide care-centered transportation to their ICE appointments. (Please reach out to Volunteer Coordinator Amy Titcomb, [email protected].) MANA welcomes Yvette Unezase as Interim Executive Director August 1, and will be electing new board members soon.