Muatz Abdelrahim, co-founder of New Mainers Alliance, Sara Gideon, Philemon Dushimire, President of Burundian Association of Maine


– contributed by New Mainers Alliance

The New Mainers Alliance, an organization representing New Mainer communities, held an
event on September 17 to formally endorse Sara Gideon for U.S. Senate.

“New Mainers are struggling during COVID and our economic and social disparities are more
clear. We have to work with candidates who support the issues important to New Mainers, so we
can find solutions to the challenges facing our community. We all have to go out and vote,” said
Mutaz Abdelrahim, co-founder of New Mainers Alliance. “Sara Gideon’ s track record as Speaker
of the House shows her support for the policies that affect our daily lives, including access to
health care and access to safe housing, especially during the COVID crisis.”

“The 2020 election will be consequential for New Mainers on multiple fronts. The outcomes will
affect their access to health care, their on-going vulnerability to COVID-19, and their safety and
security as immigrants, and that’ s why we support candidates like Sara Gideon ,” said Abdifatah
Ahmed, co-founder. “We want to encourage all New Mainers to vote early, whether by mail or
in person, and we are here to support them with translation, assistance, transportation and
anything they need in order to be able to vote safely.”

“We, the New Mainers Alliance, are supporting candidates who support the uplifting and
promotion of equity for New Mainers. This includes housing, healthcare, transportation,
childcare, and employment with sufficient wages for living,” said Fowsia Musse, a member of
New Mainers Alliance.

New Mainers Alliance (NMA) is a non-profit 50 l (c)4 organization that seeks to empower New
Mainers and to promote the general good and common welfare of the New Mainers community .
New Mainers Alliance is composed of immigrant-led, grassroots organizations that advocate for
the equal representation of minority communities in the political process in Maine.

If you would like to know more about our organization, we urge you to contact:
Mutaz Abdelrahim & Abdifatah Ahmed

Telephone: (207) 409-8567 or (617) 858-7880
[email protected]
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Note: This is a guest column contributed by the New Mainers Alliance. The views expressed by guest columnists belong solely to the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Amjambo Africa or Ladder to the Moon Network.