Metisha Movement is based on sustainability, social justice, promoting Tanzanian and Swahili culture, and creating jobs for unemployed youth. Aiming to break ground on a workshop in Dar es Salaam in September, they have launched an online fundraiser through August 16, hoping to ship products internationally by the 2023 holiday season. By press time, they had raised $22,000. For more information click:

“Metisha Movement strives to make fashion a catalyst for positive change by advocating for environmental sustainability, social justice, and community empowerment.”

— Mwajuma Samora Ramadhani, Operations Manager

Metisha Movement, a socially conscious streetwear brand based on hip-hop culture and slow fashion from Tanzania, has been incubated in Tanzania over a period of four years by a group of friends from the U.S. and Tanzania. The brand was partially inspired by the international fashion industry’s practice of shipping massive amounts of synthetic clothing waste to Tanzania in the guise of “charity,” “recycling,” or the “circular economy.” The waste generally ends up in landfills, where much of it is burned, releasing toxins into the air and water. Metisha Movement upcycles waste into bags, journals and notebooks, and clothing.