By Walongo

When speaking of life, we often say, “Tomorrow belongs to God!” or “Life constantly presents new stages that people must learn to cross.” Speaking of crossing new stages, I just crossed one a month ago in my position as a single immigrant woman with a child in the United States – getting my work papers and beginning my work life here. As I wrote last month, working is a deep-seated, essential need in the life of a person – hence my enthusiasm! But there is a problem that accompanies me on my path that I would love to resolve. This problem often robs me of peace and keeps me awake at night. There are days when I feel I am in a dream, and then suddenly the dream ends and I come back to reality. The problem is none other than my application for asylum. I feel I am dying of anguish, uncertainty, fear … at the idea of knowing that my application might or might not succeed (the authorities might or might not grant me asylum) and at the thought of having to return to my country to face death. I did not come here by desire, but for survival. Thinking about this makes me heartsick, not for myself, but for my daughter, who is fatherless, and very young – and for my family, still in danger in my country. If only a miracle will happen and lift me from this nightmare. I keep my faith in God and I trust that he will act.