By Gashi

Looking back on the past year, it’s obvious that there has been an increase in unrest in the world. In many cases, this is due to war and other forms of violence, such as the ongoing war in the Tigray province of Ethiopia; civil war in many countries; and terrorism in others. It is really sad to see so many people fighting, which destabilizes the peace of the world. At least at the same time many others are standing up to fight for peace. 

The United Nations celebrates World Refugee Month every June. The celebration encourages the public to understand and provide support to refugees, who suffer a lot. But the United Nations also commends the host countries, and human rights organizations, for helping refugees stabilize their status and giving them access to resources.  

I highly commend the state of Maine for having a humane heart, and for its generosity in welcoming and assisting refugees. Refugees are people, and they have the right to life, just like everyone else, as well as rights such as the right to work, to access healthcare, to get an education, and to live in safe housing, among other rights.