View of the Androscoggin river in Maine

On Saturday, October 28 a Family Assistance Center will open at the Lewiston Amory, located at 65 Central Avenue, Lewiston. The center will be coordinated by the Maine State Police, the Maine Attorney General’s Office, the Red Cross, and the FBI Victim Services Division. Open hours will be 10am – 7pm.

The space will serve as a central space for victims and their support persons to gather so they don’t have to make multiple stops as they seek assistance. The space is also open for those individuals who were present at the shooting sites, but not physically injured.

A separate site providing mental health assistance at the Ramada Inn in Lewiston, ME has been created for the larger community. For more information, please visit the City of Lewiston’s Facebook page.

Victims and their support persons will be able to access mental health services, financial aid, spiritual care, and access to victim advocacy and support services.

There will be a significant police presence at the FAC to address security concerns. Media will not be allowed access.