To the Editor:

In this time of unprecedented development and gentrification, of million-dollar condos and multimillion-dollar hotels seemingly being built on every corner, Mayor Strimling is a voice for the people.

So much is on the line in Portland’s mayoral race, because our city faces an affordability crisis, and the differences between the candidates on the issues are significant.

I want Portland to be a welcoming city for immigrants, the homeless, and anyone who wants to call it home. I want Portland to be a city where we take care of each other. And Mayor Strimling works every day to make sure that Portland is truly a welcoming city for all of us.

That’s why I’ve proudly endorsed Mayor Strimling for re-election.

Mayor Strimling’s political values best meet the values of our city and people. He understands far better than any other candidate running for mayor that our city must protect the middle and working class.

And he’s gotten real results for all of us in his first term – from his hard work passing the four-school bond to renovate our crumbling elementary schools (after over 20 years of delay by the Council), to his steady hand achieving property tax relief for our most vulnerable, to his leadership injecting a million dollars into the housing trust fund.

Mayor Strimling is the voice of the voiceless, the marginalized, and the underserved. We need him for a second term to continue the work we have started and to ensure that we don’t roll back all that we have achieved.

On Nov 5th, please join me in voting for Mayor Ethan Strimling as Number 1 on the ballot.


Portland City Councilor Pious Ali