Each month, Let’s Talk will focus on sayings that might sound funny or confusing to a new language learner. So if you have ever thought “What did they mean by that?” or “What are they trying to say?” this column is for you.
I hope that everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and longer days. It is still a little chilly but the blue skies and sunshine are making everything greener and flowers are starting to show up in our gardens. So this month “Let’s Talk” is going to talk flowers.
Here are four idioms (expressions in which the meanings of the words are not the meaning of the saying) that focus on flowers.

Fresh as a daisy– Healthy and full of energy.
After sleeping for twelve hours, Claudette woke up fresh as a daisy.

A late bloomer-A person who develops later in life either physically or mentally.
Didier is a late bloomer because he was a very skinny kid but he filled out and became his school’s star soccer player.

Shrinking Violet-Someone who is very shy and does not like to express their views or opinions. This expression is used more often when describing women than men.
Marie liked to give her opinion often and loudly. She was no shrinking violet.

Put down roots-Begin to have a settled life in a particular place.
After leaving their homeland, the couple moved to Maine and began to put down roots.

If you have questions about sayings you have heard Americans use that you don’t understand or questions about American culture, please email them to Claudia at [email protected] and “Let’s Talk” will be happy to help.

Claudia Jakubowski has her Masters Degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).