By Angelina Klouthis

At this time of year, some people decide the time has come to look for a new job. Here are five tips to help you land the job you really want.

  1. Is your resume ready? You need a polished, updated resume to attract the interest of a potential employer. If you need help preparing or updating a resume, CareerCenter staff around the state are available for walk-in or virtual resume support. Find a CareerCenter near you at or email a CareerCenter counselor: [email protected].
  • Is your voicemail ready? Make sure you have voicemail set up, and keep plenty of room available for potential employers to leave a message. Check your voicemail at least daily so you can respond to interview requests right away.
  • Are your eyes on your email? Checking your email for interview requests and job offers is important so you can make timely decisions and show interest. Some people maintain a separate, professional email address for job search tasks. Installing your email on your smartphone can help you track new emails.
  • What should you do after an interview? Writing a thank you email (or card) to the people that interviewed you can sometimes encourage a job offer. Expressing gratitude is done in different ways in different cultures, but in Maine, employers appreciate receiving a note after an interview.
  • Ready for your first day? If you have been offered a new job, and have accepted it, you are always welcome to reach out to your employer to ask for more information about the benefits package, the dress code, or how to request time off. Being clear about expectations before the first day can help you get off on the right foot.

The Bureau of Employment Services at the Maine Department of Labor is standing by to help get you connected to training opportunities or new jobs. We hope to be a part of helping you achieve your career goals in 2024