Orson Horchler sings “Le Partisan

The International Open Mic Night at Mayo Street Arts in Portland on March 1 attracted a varied, talented line-up of artists as well as an enthusiastic, supportive audience. Performances included singing, drumming, guitar, accordion, and comedy. Jenny Van West, songwriter and singer, manages the quarterly event, which is sponsored by the Maine Immigrant Musical Instrument Project, Jenny Van West Music, and Mayo Street Arts, and features a diverse and international lineup of local musicians.

Namory Keita and Janice Erickson

The next International Open Mic Night will be May 3 at 7:00 p.m. To sign up (early signup encouraged!) please contact Jenny directly www.jennyvanwestmusic.com

Comedian James Swaka

 Photos by Hamid Karimian@OPENVISIONSTUDIOS

Jenny Van West and Deya Ibrahim