My name is Meron, I am a gift from God

My name sounds like soft rain at night

It’s very quiet and no syllables are really emphasized except the Me in the beginning
My ethnic name is soft on my tongue I don’t force any accent on the R to be rolled or maybe
I’m so accustomed to it I don’t even realize it

I love my name when it’s pronounced right
I am the daughter
Of pure beautiful lands
My culture and roots are proof of where I’m from


I am a representation of my country
Its famine cry resides within me
My many different rich cinnamon honey shades of melanin
Covers every spot on my body.
The beauty of the vibrant markets blinds me

The stunning scene that many don’t have the privilege to see.
My little cousins smiles and laughter fill the entire room of my grandmother’s house.

My name is Meron, I am a gift from God

My name sounds like rain at night.

My name is Marin but in my community, the Ethiopians call me Meron (may-ron).
I am 16 years old. I live with my two adoptive parents, Colleen and Leo. I have one biological sister
who lives with me and all the rest of my five siblings live in my native country, Ethiopia.