By: Gashi

I take this opportunity to extend my sincere greetings and love to all Amjambo readers. I have spent many days reflecting on the daily life we live here in Maine, one of the most beautiful states in the United States, whose people are full of generosity and love.

Something I would like to contribute today is my point of view about housing and the challenges of life in 2022. At the moment, getting a house to rent is not easy, and the price of rent is very high. People struggle to meet their basic needs – food, clothing, and shelter.

I remember one of my friends was talking with me about the cost of renting apartments and the lack of rental rooms. Do you think it will change, he asked? I replied that change is inevitable, but meanwhile we have to dedicate ourselves to our work so that we can earn a living.

During the summer, people from all over the world gather in Maine to enjoy all the attractions. But meanwhile, people living here are working very hard. In my community, most people work many jobs, and don’t get enough sleep.

Challenges elsewhere in the world – all over the world – have increased. And given these challenges, most people work extremely hard to raise enough income to cover all their basic needs. And life as a whole has changed all around the world. Even the weather – if you look at it now, you can’t compare it to the old days. We must put strategies in place to conserve resources.

“…we need to do everything we can to take care of future generations.”

Life is like a sun rising and setting, and that is how our lives go. We are born and finally we die. In the meantime, we need to do everything we can to take care of future generations.