Photos | Mark Mattos

From Roots to the Runway

Generational Noor was founded by Amran Osman in 2022 to work with immigrant community members around substance use disorder and mental health. Their programs are especially focused on building a support system for BIPOC immigrant youth. 

In honor of Black History Month the nonprofit presented From Roots to the Runway, a fashion show and cultural night. 

“All our models, all our dancers, they put time and effort into this …they practiced every day…older people volunteered their time to teach the dance moves … sometimes when people think of us, they think Africa is like one place, and they don’t know that there’s so many different cultures … and a lot of our youth grow up in Maine, and they’re not able to embrace their culture. They’re told they have to fit in. But we wanted to make sure that they’re able to see that their culture is beautiful, and that it’s important.”

— Amran Osman