By Michael Reagan

Saint Clair Biro donated coffee cups, sugar and creamer on Sept. 10 to the Adult Learning Center, which is located in the basement of Longley School, in Lewiston. The Adult Learning Center provides coffee to students who are taking classes to improve their English skills or get their high school equivalency. But the coffee fund relies on donations. Mr. Biro said he donated to the coffee fund as a way to help out a place that had helped him get his start.

Saint Clair Biro came to Lewiston Adult Education Learning Center as a student in December 2016 after immigrating to the United States from the Central African Republic. He also worked as a volunteer interpreter, receptionist, and computer literacy teacher there until November 2017.

He left Lewiston Adult Education after being hired by L.L. Bean and has also started Bourge Translation & Interpreting Service. Biro speaks English, French and Chinese.