One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to make more money. Life can be expensive. Depending on what bills come in each month, sometimes a primary income is barely enough to support an individual, let alone a family. There are ways to increase cash flow by taking advantage of opportunities to supplement income. These are some simple steps that can make a difference in monthly income.

Make use of your skills
Fluent in another language? Language skills are marketable. Think about picking up some work as a tutor. Many students need help learning languages, and may benefit from help from a native speaker. Guidance counselors at schools often maintain lists of community members who offer tutoring services for students who are struggling. Tutoring rates range from $25.00-$60.00 an hour, depending on geographic location, and experience.

Get paid to deliver food
Food ordering apps like Postmates, UberEats, and DoorDash offer opportunities for people who want to work part time, on their own schedules. These apps hire people to make food deliveries in order to earn extra cash. With DoorDash, workers make their own schedule. Postmates and UberEats allow workers to make deliveries with a bicycle or scooter, or even on foot in some urban areas, if a car is not available.

Help with projects
Handy with tools? The website HomeAdvisor lists projects people need help completing, including everything from painting to roof repairs. TaskRabbit is another site that features a broader range of projects and tasks. These are all opportunities to make some extra money.

CLYNK is a Maine-based bottle redemption company. When CLYNK users drop off redeemable bottles and cans in special CLYNK bags, they scan a tag that is provided, and the money earned is stored in a personal account. Users can withdraw their money at any time, or leave it in the account indefinitely. CLYNK drop off kiosks can be found all over Maine in Hannaford Supermarket parking lots.

Re-sell clothing
People can make money by selling clothes they no longer wear, either in consignment shops or online. For example, the app Poshmark allows the user to create a store that is visible to millions of potential shoppers. In addition to clothing, users can sell goods for the home. Not only do people earn extra money through Poshmark, they also recycle items that could end up being thrown away.

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