By Bonnie Rukin

Fishermen Feeding Mainers, a program of the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association, is ramping up to resume fresh fish deliveries to immigrant communities in need. The program, which was active and highly successful last year, had slowed down in the summer months, when fishermen and women were focused on the lobster market, and the higher prices associated with that industry.
However, over the last few weeks, according to Fishermen Feeding Mainers program coordinator Mary Hudson, six to eight boats are again participating in the program, and landing hake, pollock, haddock, and monkfish. In one day alone this month, the participating fishermen caught 10,000 pounds of fish, which was then processed and distributed, and resulted in families receiving donations of 15,000 meals. Schools are also served through Fishermen Feeding Mainers.

Immigrant communities interested in receiving donations of fresh local fish – as well as individuals, businesses, and foundations able to help with funding – are invited to connect with Hudson at; [email protected]; or (207) 671-4745. In order for this program to maintain its offerings, more funding is needed.

Recipe cards in five different languages (English, Portuguese, French, Arabic, and Spanish) will soon be available online, thanks to Sea Grant COVID-19 relief funds.