On August 13, an airstrike killed 26 people and injured 50 more in Finote Selam, a town in western Ethiopia’s Amhara region. The Ethiopian government has not confirmed whether the plane belonged to its army. Some of the victims were civilians. 

The airstrike occurred after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government declared a six-month state of emergency across the Amhara region on August 4. That announcement followed looting, prison breaks, and road blockages by members of the Fano group, which is connected to the Amhara militia that formed during the 2020-2022 war between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray militia.  

The Fano accuse the Ethiopian government of not listening to their concerns when brokering the deal that ended the recent bloody war between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray Region. Concern is rising that war will again break out in Ethiopia.