Roseline Souebele

Life, as the air, is universal.
No barrier, no limits, it goes everywhere.
It blows everywhere, on everyone.
If you can’t feel air, it means life is gone.

Do I really matter as a human being?
Can I participate in someone’s progress, a country’s progress?
Can I think, act, love, forgive, smile, and make someone happy?
Can I get upset, angry?

If you think you can feel pain,
Yes – you are a human being, and your life matters.
Everything that carries breath we are unable to control – matters.
We care for our pets no matter their color.
If we have people help take care of us,
we should care also for those people,
for we depend in a certain way on their well being, for us to continue to be.

White, black, yellow, red…these are all colors, right?
Together they make the beauty of life.
Imagine a snow without the green trees that survive winter.
Just all white…not nice at all, right!
Imagine the fall, with just yellow leaves – weird, right?

We are all different colors, yet all together we
make the beauty of the world.
We look different, yet our bodies function the same.
Yes, we are different, yet it is the combination of us all that makes the world we love.

We all depend on each other;
We all rely on each other, whether you want that to be true or not.

Please, let’s go to the top of the hill of our mind,
Close our eyes, take a deep breath.
Open our eyes, and realize the beauty out there.

Would it still look the same if there were only you in that big space?
Would you still enjoy it? I don’t think so.

So please, add yourself to the universe. Make it better. Stay in it.
See yourself in your neighbor’s eyes and think:
‘“If he were me, how would I want to be treated?”

Love you all, and let’s keep the world diverse for its unity to rise.

Roseline Souebele is a resident of Hope House