Several important pieces of federal immigration reform legislation will be introduced and debated in Washington, D.C. over the next few weeks. Those wishing to have a voice in decisions have several opportunities, as outlined below.
1.  The GRACE Act, legislation that would require the U.S. to take AT LEAST 125,000 refugees each year, will be introduced in Congress on March 24th.  Under the current law, a hostile president can decide to almost completely shut down refugee resettlement, as happened under the Trump administration.   The GRACE Act would protect refugee resettlement, at least at the 125,000 level, regardless of who is the president.
This sign on letter is for organizations (not individuals) to show their support for the GRACE Act.  Please sign your organization on to show broad support for this bill.
2.  The Dream and Promise Act, and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act will both start being debated in the House of Representatives March 16th, and are likely to be voted on this Thursday night.  The Dream and Promise Act would legalize eligible Dreamers and DACA holders who came to the U.S when under age 18 and have been here for at least 4 years, and those who have had TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for at least 4 years, as well as eligible undocumented farm workers.  Estimates are that over 4 million people will have a path to permanent residency if both of these bills pass.
Representative Chellie Pingree co-sponsored and supported both bills last session and is expected to do so again. Rep. Chellie Pingree can be reached at: (202) 225-6116
– Representative Jared Golden supported the Dream and Promise Act, but voted against the Farm Workforce Modernization Act. Rep. Jared Golden can be reached at:(202) 225-6306