New or aspiring parents have likely calculated the expenses for delivery, diapers, food, baby clothes, and childcare, but there are many other costs they might not have considered. Here are some additional costs that new or soon-to-be parents should be thinking about:

After welcoming a child, parents need to be signed up for health insurance. For those living in Maine on a low income, they may be able to qualify for MaineCare, which is Maine’s name for Medicaid. This program provides free or low-cost health insurance to those who meet certain requirements, based on household members and income level. People living in Maine can determine if they’re eligible for MaineCare by filling out the MaineCare application on the website. This program could significantly reduce healthcare costs associated with delivery and routine checkups. Beyond health insurance, parents need to pay any copays for hospital or pediatrician visits, and they need to consider the cost of nonprescription health care items they may need. These expenses could include teething gel, ointment for eczema or rashes, a thermometer, and more. If parents have an existing health insurance plan, they can add their baby to their policy. However, a family health insurance plan can be quite a bit more expensive.

Higher utility bills
When parents bring a baby into the home, it’s likely that they’ll see a jump in utility costs. If parents are bringing home their infant in the fall or winter, they may end up having to turn up the heat. If they’re bringing home their infant in summer, they may need to invest in some fans or air conditioning to keep the little one comfortable. Either way, parents will likely be increasing their energy costs. Additionally, if parents are taking a maternity or paternity leave, all the extra time spent at home can increase costs. Instead of keeping the lights and electronics on only during the evenings and weekends, they’ll be on for the majority of the week. Parents should prepare for higher utility costs when expecting a child.

Delivery curveballs
While parents may have prepared for the cost of a stay at the hospital, deliveries don’t always go as planned. According to Business Insider, the average cost of a birth with insurance in Maine is $5,947.02. However, that’s a straightforward delivery with no curveballs. A cesarean section delivery with insurance in Maine costs an average of $9,162.19. If they can, parents should start to build up their emergency fund to help them cover any unexpected delivery costs. Three to six months’ worth of expenses kept in a savings account is ideal.

Larger home and vehicle
As a family grows, they might need to invest in a larger home or vehicle. Parents should put some thought into these expenses when calculating the cost of welcoming a child.