Community Associations

Angolan Community of Maine

Nsiona Nguizani, President (857) 214-5268 ; Manuel M. Vemba Kiambuwa, Vice President (207) 213-9312. Facebook Page: Angolan Community of Maine

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Congolese Community of Maine COCOMaine

COCOMAINE’s mission is: To facilitate the integration of the Congolese people. To assist Congolese immigrants during their transition to life in Maine. To promote entrepreneurship and Congolese culture and values through...

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Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community grows sustainable communities by expanding access to healthy, local food; empowering children, youth, and adults to play diverse roles in restoring the local, sustainable food systems; and modeling,...

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Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition (MIRC)

MIRC’s mission: “Improving the legal, social and economic conditions experienced by Maine’s immigrants – enhancing their lives while strengthening Maine – through advocacy, information sharing and collaboration both...

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Maine Multicultural Center

The Maine Multicultural Center of Bangor welcomes and champions diversity as essential to the economic and social vitality of Maine. Contact: President: Radhakrisna Jamadagni ...

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Somali Bantu Community Association

The mission of the Somali Bantu Community Association is to provide vital transitional services, advocacy, and programming that empowers members of the refugee community to uphold cultural identity and thrive in their new life...

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Somali Community Center of Maine

The mission of the Somali Community Center of Maine is to assist refugees and Immigrants through the difficult journey of adjusting to life in their new community. The SCCM seeks to engage with civic society, government entities...

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Somali Mainer’s Youth Network(SMYN)

Mission statement of Somali Mainer’s Youth Network(SMYN) is to inspire academic excellence, encourage civic engagement, and enhance relations among parents and youth within the immigrant community. This is a youth advocacy group...

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South Sudanese Community of Maine

Our organization works to unify, highlight events in our community , and advocate for the South Sudanese Communities of Maine. We invite you to join us! Contact: Facebook: South Sudanese Community of Maine...

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