by Julia Trujillo

Although COVID-19 has been an overwhelming challenge in so many ways, one of the advantages of our new “social distancing” lifestyles is that our opportunities for learning remotely have multiplied, removing the need to live close to a service in order to access it. In Maine, as in many other rural states with inadequate access to transportation, these new offerings are proving especially helpful. The need to build credit or remedy an existing “bad credit history” is extremely important, whether we are thinking of buying or renting a home, starting a business, or reaching some other goal.

If you have internet access on a phone, computer, or a different device, live outside of Maine’s urban areas, or simply want to learn about personal finances, this is an opportunity to educate yourself as much as possible! Studying online is also a great way to improve English proficiency while learning about a very relevant topic for present and future prosperity in Maine. Several of the organizations that contribute articles to this page offer online education, so check them out.

To find a comprehensive list of other online resources related to credit or money management, visit the Maine Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy ( Below are a few examples of what is available to access today:

The Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) (
FAME offers a variety of free resources, tools, and classroom materials designed to assist students, parents, and educators with understanding the important elements of successful money management.

CA$H Maine (
CA$H Maine encourages individuals and families to find ways to make the most of their money. The website lists online resources and information about free money management courses.

New Ventures Maine (
New Ventures Maine offers classes, workshops at no charge to all Maine adults, with in-person and on-line options, and one-on-one coaching. New Ventures’ programs encourage and empower anyone who is thinking about making a change to take steps towards financial security, a new career, or a new business.

More questions? Can’t find what you are looking for? Don’t know where to go? Contact the City of Portland’s Office of Economic Opportunity at [email protected] or look for us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We will be happy to help.