Photos | Joseph Shaw

Thanks to Harrison Fream, Pam Leo, and a team of volunteers, going forward young people looking for a good book to borrow need only venture over to Kennedy Park in Portland. Fream built and installed the library for an Eagle Scout badge. Leo will handle the stocking of books through her Book Fairy Project, which was founded five years ago because she believes that “the way out of poverty is literacy.” Fream is a senior at Baxter Academy for Science and Technology. He said he conceived of the project because he knows reading is very important for children, and he wanted to “bring books into the community.” Leo said, “This library is important because COVID-19 is preventing access to libraries, and we want to prevent an illiteracy pandemic. In order to learn to read we need books.” The library was installed earlier this month. At the opening ceremony neighborhood families enjoyed snacks, and children took home free books, and a bicycle helmet each.

Harrison Fream and Pam Leo