Update November 5: The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has stayed the order blocking the public charge rule, which means that the public charge rule IS STILL IN EFFECT until the appeals court reviews the order. 

November 2 –  An Illinois judge rejected the Trump administration’s expansion of the public charge rule that was rolled out in September, and the new rule is now blocked nationwide. The Trump administration’s expansion was a key part of its anti-immigration policies and was intended to discourage immigration.

Julia Brown, Esq., of Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, said, “This is a huge victory for immigrants applying for their green cards in the midst of an unprecedented public health and economic crisis. No one should be forced to choose between their immigration status and their family’s health and safety. However, our fight is not over, because this decision may be appealed and other cases across the country continue. As long as this decision stands, the public charge rule is blocked nationwide. Go to www.ilapmaine.org/public-charge for updated information.”

November 5 – “It is unfair that immigrant families have to check the news every day to see what laws have been changed that may impact their lives,” said Julia Brown, reflecting on the stay by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.