By Deqa Dhalac
 Muslims all over the world are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan to reflect on what we are grateful for. It is time of hope, a time for family, friends, and community engagement.
We all know this Ramadan is going to be different for most of us than any other Ramadan that we have experienced before, but the essence and the beauty will be of great value, and will remain the same.
To improve ourselves, to trust in God, and to support each other in these difficult times will remain the foundation of this holy month of Ramadan.
We need this Ramadan more than ever to serve as a reminder of what we must do while we are in this world, to focus us on reflection for our own spiritual growth, as well as on community service, and to remember that these United States of America were built by people of all faiths and backgrounds.
Maine Mosques will remain closed because of COVID-19, but prayers will go on in each and every one of us in the comfort of our homes.
Please stay humble, enjoy your Ramadan with your family, and adhere to the US CDC, Maine CDC, and WHO guidelines for physical distancing at all times.
I am sure that this time next year we will celebrate Ramadan without any restrictions.
Ramadan Kareem.
Deqa Dhalac
South Portland, Maine