by Roseline Souebele

Spring has come, and Summer is on its way. The weather is nice. However, we are still under lockdown. We can go out for a walk, but still need to stay six feet away from others – not so much fun.

Our mental health is at stake during this time of pandemic. We know that many people are getting sick, and we just don’t know if our friends are among them. What surprises are waiting for us when we are finally out of this crisis? Who will we be missing forever? God forbid – I hope no one.

I have been thinking of you, who take the time to read this newspaper. I can tell you, this is a very helpful way to get information during this difficult time. We are so grateful.

I was under quarantine for 14 days myself and thought I would not make it out again. But my friends at Hope Acts, as well as my personal friends, showed me that we are all in this together.

I encourage you to keep reaching out to your loved ones whenever you can. Love and care are what we need now for our mental health.
Remember, nothing lasts forever, not even this current threat.

Do not become coronavirus-obsessed, get out to bathe in sunlight, order some food from your favorite restaurant – enjoy life. Take a picture, laugh, and be happy.

Roseline Souebele is a resident of Hope House