By Gashi 

I take this opportunity to greet all the readers of Amjambo. I hope you are doing well and enjoying happiness and comfort. Today I would like to talk about forgiving and being forgiven – words that are easy to read and speak, but difficult for individual people, groups, and communities to do consistently. 

Making readers understand me well in a language different from my own is difficult. But I want to try and show what I mean. Because I absolutely believe that if people do not learn to forgive from the heart, they will not get anywhere. Yet many people find it difficult to forgive, or to believe that they have been forgiven. 

In Maine, we all come from societies with different traditions and customs, which could be very difficult. But at the end of the day, it is quite possible for all of us to live together, and do great things, regardless of differences, or where everyone comes from. 

Let’s talk about the immigrants who are here in Maine. If you look, it is obvious that they are from different countries and continents. However, there is something we need to learn from local residents of the state of Maine. First of all, local people here are generous and personable. Certainly, every immigrant, if asked, can give solid evidence of something good that was done for him by someone from Maine. 

And if the local people here can show love, and also help us as much as they can, we should also be able to show love to each other. And if we show love to each other regardless of where we come from – for example, Africa, Asia, or Europe – it will let local Mainers realize they are with good people. 

Through the lives we lead, and with immigrants and locals both receiving us, together we will produce the yeast of development for future generations to grow. If we respect and follow the rules of the state, the country, and all the people who have been welcomed here by the country, our society will progress. 

I finish by saying thank you for thinking about my ideas and for leading a life here contrary to where we were born and raised. Let’s forget the differences that exist in our countries of origin and focus on unity and solidarity here. And let’s practice forgiveness