I want to start off saying I hope you are all safe, healthy, and informed about the coronavirus pandemic. These are scary times for us all, in Lewiston, Maine, as well as the entire world. Workers have lost income, businesses have closed, kids are out of school, and we are all trying to figure this out. It might seem we are alone, but we are not – the entire world is going through this.

One day we will look back to these days and think of how much we have overcome, how supportive we were of each other, and how our resilience continued to push us forward! Please stay home and save lives. Avoid social gatherings and continue to be there for one another virtually. Even if funerals take place – keep a distance of at least six feet between yourself and any others except those in your household, and follow the guidelines. This is extremely important – our future depends on us keeping our distance – so stay home!

— Safiya Khalid, Lewiston City Councilor