By Prudent Ndiho

The world is shaking, and even the mighty and strong don’t know what to do. Fear and frustration fill many hearts, and we ask ourselves if we will survive this pandemic, Many have left us, as we try to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Life is not normal. Students and parents struggle with so much time spent on computers. Many African parents have never homeschooled before. Some have limited English and technology skills, so they can’t help their young children, who are missing assignments and falling behind.

Some are using this quarantine period for good purposes. Parents who aren’t working or are working from home, can spend more time with their children. Movie nights and family dinners are now possible. Instead of taking kids to the school buses, families can eat breakfast together. Husbands and wives also can spend more time together. For those living with others, focus on the good moments together because this time will pass.

Although sometimes concentrating is hard, knowing the world is in turmoil and people are in danger, I have more time to read and write. I also check the news, and call and text my friends and family members to see how they are doing. Tough moments pull people together to forget differences and prejudices and instead to focus on everyone’s safety and well-being.

Unfortunately, some are crying because they’ve lost relatives or friends. Some are dying by suicide. And everybody is asking, “How long is this going to last?” Scientists, doctors, nurses, and other health care practitioners are helping those suffering from COVID-19. We are thankful for all of them, and for the grocery store workers so we can get what we need.

Keep in mind that this won’t last forever. A bright light still shines at the end of this tunnel.

Prudent Ndiho is a writer who loves music, people, and God