New Mainers Thrive: A non-profit organization taking shape in Central Maine.
Through its mission, New Mainers Thrive aims to empower people’s lives. Helping New Mainers by promoting
more welcoming communities with healthier, better educated, and happier people, a more productive
workforce, and a more vibrant and inclusive economy without discrimination is at its core. This mission guides
us in providing services which helps Maine’s newest residents to integrate in Maine society in a meaningful
way. The services offered by New Mainers Thrive are:
● Online English lessons
● Learners permit course
● Driver manual workshops
● Refugees Seminar about American cultures (breaking stereotypes)
● Job skill English
● Human rights workshops
● Financial Orientation and support for survivors
● Transportation to Immigration and other meetings
● Community education
● Job orientation
Those served by New Mainers Thrive programs are: Immigrants, refugees, Asylum seekers, people with
limited English language skills, low income individuals, people without employment and individuals with limited
educational background.
You can reach New Mainers Thrive at: [email protected]
Or 207-330-08